Jake Flores: One Of The Best Stand Up Comedians

Jake Flores is a quite famous standup comedian. He has performed in many such shows and events till date. His early life is full of struggle but now he is one of the most popular comedians. His biggest inspiration is Patton Oswalt. In his earlier days, he used to read it. It is one of his favorite comics. This is one of the main reasons why he decided to start writing jokes. He thought it will be a great way to be a bit artistic. At the same time he felt that it can be a bit complex too. Anyhow, he didn't leave his passion and persuaded it and the rest is history.

His Early Life

Long back when Jake Flores didn't even think about the idea of being a comedian, he used to listen to Black Angus bit on his headphones. He used to laugh hard and enjoy those. Later on one day he was bartending at one of the famous fests named Fun Fun Fun Fest, he got to see him performing live on the stage during a break. But after that he moved to New York, where he had no jobs and used to spend time sleeping on the couch. He also used to search for some jobs but never got one. One day he saw that Mr. Patton himself was retweeting some of his tweets in Twitter. He was kind of shocked yet happy. He gained a lot of followers.

When Did It All Started?

One day, in an event he got to meet Mr. Patton Oswalt. He spoke to him and thanked him for the Twitter thing. He also cracked a joke in front of him and he loved when his inspiration or idol laughed at it. Mr. Patton also remembered him from the Twitter and remarked him by calling him "funny". From there he got an idea to be a comedian Jake Flores. He wanted to use this talent he had got. And you will accept that it is a great and very rare quality to make other people laugh hard by your own made-up jokes. He is successful in this and started taking this career seriously. Now, he is quite popular and has done a lot of shows. YouTube is full of his stand up comedies. He is truly a funny man indeed.

Final Words

The best thing about this comedian is that he comes up with great jokes every time he performs. The jokes are seriously hilarious and can make anyone laugh at it. He got a true inspiration from the Mr. Patton Oswalt in his earlier days and somehow even in his harder days, he helped Jake a lot. Twitter and then that event played a very important part in the role of comedian Jake Flores. He is now a popular comedy star. He does a lot of shows here and there. He has his own website where he posts his standup comedies every now and then. Must say that he has a huge fan following who love to listen to his comedy shows and events all the time.